At Bethany House we have a dedicated activities team, the team arrange all of the inhouse activities and also plan all our outings. Every day has its own range of activities and while partaking in these activities is encouraged, it is the choice of the resident as to what level of participation they wish to give. Activities ranging from keep fit, arts & crafts to a simple hand massage are planned so that all dependency levels can take part. Games of Bingo, Nightly card games or weekend sports TV in Terrys Tavern or Movie morning in the Parlour ensure there is a wide choice for all.

In Berry’s salon there are a wide range of hairdressing and beauty services available delivered by our in house professionals. There are additional charges on Hairdressing and other similar services and we have a fully transparent pricing structure for any item that has an additional cost, you will be advised about these in our contract of care and this will be made available to you at the time of enquiry.


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Bethany House Nursing Home, Main Street, Tyrrellspass Co. Westmeath